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  • Product Name: DKT outer rotor pairs into the wind \ SDKT outer rotor cabinet air conditioning fan

DKT type outer rotor centrifugal fan, air conditioning, with large air volume, low noise, compact structure, strong and durable, good appearance, easy installation and use of more wing type centrifugal fan. Widely used in all kinds of air conditioning unit of the fan, air curtain, air conditioning fan, etc. Can also be used in industrial and mining enterprises, public indoor and ventilated take a breath. Its transmission medium is air and other harmless to the human body is not spontaneous combustion gases, particulate matter, is not permitted in gas within dustiness no greater than 150 mg/m3.

DKT outer rotor type centrifugal air conditioning fan is mainly composed of impeller, casing, exterior rotor motor and other major parts. The impeller by dozens of pieces
Curved blade and wheel cover, the central disk before riveting. All adopt stamping mould manufacturing, size, lines are accurate and reliable. Air performance is good, and the

SDKT cabinet air conditioning fan is a newly developed by our company new product, the built-in DKT air-conditioning fan, wall plate lined with a silencing plate, from
And reduce the noise. Smooth operation of the fan, convenient installation, compared with the HTFC, number (the same low noise, large flow, high pressure, high performance, simple structure, low cost. Is the hotel, hotel, entertainment, building ventilation is the best choice of products.

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